Fake News Has A Long Pedigree in Finance

Napoleon Is Dead! Wait, That’s a Stock-Market Scam

For centuries, markets have been fertile ground for misinformation; the trick, then as now, is to avoid making a costly mistake. Barry Ritholtz shares advice that’s as relevant today as it was during the Great Stock Exchange Fraud of 1814.

North Carolina Is a Test for #NeverTrump Conservatives

Was their fight to save the GOP about opposing one man, or was it about standing up for democratic principles? Jonathan Bernstein offers one way to tell: Watch whether national Republicans condemn their party’s naked power grab in the Tar Heel State.

Trump’s Economic Stimulus, One Tweet at a Time

It’s not exactly “big government,” but it’s no free market, either. Conor Sen considers what might happen if Trump continues using social media as a bully pulpit to change corporate America’s mindset.

Stereotypes Are Poisoning American Politics

The New York Times chose “Hillbilly Elegy” as one of its “Six Books to Help Understand Trump’s Win,” but William Easterly says the best-selling memoir is part of the problem. Not that it’s alone — once you know the three laws that govern stereotyping, you’ll see bogus group analysis everywhere in American culture and politics.

Moore’s Law Is Becoming Obsolete

Upgrades just aren’t what they used to be: A new iPhone or laptop functions about as well as an old one. Gadget enthusiast Megan McArdle explains why the powers of technology aren’t as boundless as we once thought.

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